Re-design your favourite room
with a designer by your side
What is Re-Design? Simply put, it’s the art of improving what already exists in your home.

We love to work with what you already own and love, so there’s no need to start from scratch to create a vibrant new space!

This can be the most cost effective way of making an impact in your home.

In many cases, a room can be improved by addressing storage issues, re-positioning furniture and/or adding some key pieces like curtains, cushions, lamps and rugs.

You may have a very clear idea of how you’d like your room to feel, but you just haven’t been able to achieve your vision.

We get it! Sometimes no matter how many design shows you watch or Pinterest boards you create…the vision in your mind just keeps eluding you!

Perhaps all you need is a fresh look at an old idea. We’re experienced in working with an “eyes on” as well as a “hands on” approach.

"Our goal is to help you create a room that you never want to leave and can't wait to show off"

What to expect 

when working with a designer...virtually

We enter your world unobtrusively to create solutions you may have never imagined, whilst allowing you to take the lead in your own home.

  • Stress Free– it’s your timeline…go at your own pace
  • Affordable – you work hard for your money…you decide where it’s spent
  • Hands on or off – you control how much input from us is needed

The beauty of working virtually with our team is that we are able to come alongside you to add expertise and value to your creative journey. As a result, your personal environment can be shaped in your hands to create spaces which are unique to you and function specifically to your needs.

"Creating rooms that really inspire and help to recharge 
you is what we're all about."

How it works

Choose your re-design package and tell us a bit about yourself.
Upload photos or a video of the room you would like to transform and answer a few questions so we can understand what you would like to achieve.
Our team will inspire and empower you with solutions to transform your space.


Margot is the lead designer and founder of Me & My Room.  Her experience spans almost 30 years of interior design, project management and staging in the USA and New Zealand.  

Me & My Room is the answer to Margot’s desire to empower others with the ability to create amazing spaces from the comfort of their own homes…affordably.  

"Thanks a million Margot!!! I am truly impressed with how you managed to envision my small awkward living area into a great space. You delivered what I asked for, 'cosy, light and bright'. Your suggestions and the layout plans were also easy to follow. 


"Margot was able to bring to life my hopes for my living room and bedroom space. She was very helpful in every step of the process. There was no pressure. Very happy with the final results! "


"I truly didn’t know where to start. Margot led me by the hand through fabric selections for furniture pieces, area rug samples as well as theme ideas based on our style for each room. I can’t express enough how painless the process was."


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