Re-design with a
professional by your side


What is Re-Design?

Simply put, Re-design is the art of improving what already exists in your home. 

Is Re-designing expensive?

Not at all, because there’s no need to start from scratch. We work with what you already own and love, so it’s very cost effective.

Do I have to do everything in my room all at once?

Absolutely not! We’ll give you suggestions along with a plan of attack which you can implement as your time and budget allows.

What if I just want a better layout for my room?

All good! Just upload photos from 4 corners of your room, answer our quiz and we’ll email you at least one new layout option, along with anything else we ”spot” which needs improvement.  

Can I get solutions for more than one room at a time?

Absolutely! But we suggest you try our virtual design service with one room first. Then for every additional room, we’ll provide you with a discount code to use.

How do I get started?

Click the get started button below or click here. Select the re-design package of your choice and continue to check out. Our team will be in touch with amazingly practical solutions which will transform your space. 

What payment options do you offer?

We use PayPal for all payments. You can still use your card (MasterCard, Visa or Amex) even if you do not have a PayPal account - it is easy and secure. 

Which re-design package should I choose?

If in doubt, choose the Prime plan. Once you have uploaded your images and provided us with all the required information your designer  will send you a re-design plan. If you have questions you can use the chat facility or email. If you feel like you need more assistance after that, you will need a consultation. You can then upgrade your package to the premium package for 2 x 1-on-1 sessions (online) with your designer so you can work on your plan more in-depth. 

How do I upgrade?

Once you have signed up for the Prime package, you can decide to upgrade - just go to your profile page in the members area and on the sidebar you will see a link that will take you to the upgrade checkout page.

How long will it take to receive my plan?

This time varies depending on how busy we are, but generally between 5 -7 days. If we are expecting delays we will post it on the website before you check out.
Also, if you have a project with a specific time frame, email us at to enquire about our expected response time to ensure you hit your deadline.

How will I know you have received my order?

After you have checked out you will receive an automated email with your invoice and information on how to set up your profile in our members section. 

Will you be sending me something in the mail?

Nope. You electronically send us all your room details and we will email you your complete plan. No hard copies or material will be shipped to you.

What happens after I receive my re-design solutions?

Work through your plan, step by step, at your own pace and as your budget allows (feel free to print it all out and make a nice folder). Make notes of any questions you might have. You can email your questions straight to your designer or use the chat facility. We will provide you with 2 revisions to ensure you are satisfied. If further consultation is required you can upgrade to the Premium package to access two 1-on-1 sessions with a designer.

How does the 1-on-1 session work?

Once ALL of the required information has been received, we will email you with a few appointment options. Choose the time that best suits you and our system will send you a confirmation email with an appointment time and a Zoom link (ZOOM is a free, high quality video conferencing app). You will receive reminder emails before the meeting. When it is time for the meeting, click on the zoom link in the confirmation email and it will connect you with your Me & My Room designer.

Do you help with bathrooms and kitchens?

We do. Both Bathrooms and kitchens are more complicated then other rooms so it is best to contact us directly with your requirements so we can customize a package for your specific needs.


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